Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to TemporaryWaffle

I started blogging because I wanted a new hobby and to meet new people at the same time. Blogging seemed like the perfect opportunity. I love reviewing products and holding giveaways, As well as sharing whatever I may come across that needs sharing ☺

The name "TemporaryWaffle " came about when I couldn't think of a title myself, but I knew I wanted it to deal with WAFFLES. Why waffles you ask? When me and the hubby were first together, there were times when we would make waffles at odd hours through the night-depending on how late we stayed up. We both loved waffles and even had a heart shaped waffle iron so that was just kind of became "our thing" ♥ When we had our son, he found a love for waffles as well, so we became a waffle lovin' family. When I just couldn't figure out what word would complete the waffle, a name generator came to the rescue...
That's when Temporary Waffle was born, and it just seemed to fit ♥