Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Homemade Baby Shoes!

I made some baby shoes awhile back and wanted to share! I made them with scraps of leftover fabric and I think they turned out pretty cute!

Also, Isn't this cookie just so cute?? I didn't make it but I found it while searching google and had to save it to I can make these for either-my next baby shower or a friends baby shower!

Need something to do with Carpet Samples?

I had some carpet samples lying around and decided to put them to use! I laid them all out on the floor and decided a pattern I wanted, then flipped them all upside down, in the pattern form I kept, laid a foam pad atop it and taped them all together with duck tape! It made a mini rug :)

Shout Wipe & Go Sample Testing

So a few days back, I received a Shout Wipe & Go Stain Remover sample. 
I tried it out on my husbands white dress shirt which had a dark collar stain.

Here is the before photo of the stain:

I used the Shout wipe exactly how it told me to, on the back of the package. I wiped and scrubbed and nothing happened. The stain didn't remove at all. It didn't get much lighter either...

After using Shout Wipe & Go Stain Remover:

Sad to say...these stain remover wipes do not work for me...I will stick to my Tide spray stain remover. It works wonders. AND it has a great scent!

I received a free sample and wanted to share my thoughts on it. No compensation involved.


My Canvas

So awhile back I got a canvas and had no idea what I was going to do with it. I searched online for ideas...and everything I wanted to do, I felt I just wasn't artistic enough to do it. I love the look of Subway Art on canvas so I wanted to do something like that, but realized the only letter stencils I had were too large! So I had to come up with something short and simple...and being that it would hang above my couch, I decided to have it say "Sit -N- Relax". It didn't turn out anything like I envisioned for it, but this will do for now, as my 1st beginner art piece :P

Painting on the stencils

Finished piece

Finished piece hanging in my living room

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Rhubarb Muffins+Recipe

My grandpa had given me some Rhubarb from his garden and I didn't have a clue what to do with it. But I searched several recipes online and couldn't decide what to make. My first thought was to make a rhubarb crumble which looked delicious but I didn't feel confident in making it...
I decided to go ahead and boil my rhubarb chunks and continue looking.

I came across a Rhubarb tea recipe I wanted to try out but once I tasted the boiled rhubarb water, I realized it was too gross a flavor to drink lol. So I went ahead and pureed up my rhubarb in the food processor and added some sugar to it. It came out to an applesauce like texture and I let it sit in the fridge until I could think of what I was making. I decided I would go ahead and use my banana muffin recipe but use the rhubarb mix in place of the bananas. I didn't exactly follow a recipe in full though, I just looked at the items I needed and eyeballed the measurements as I poured them into the bowl. 
I added in my own touch too :)
(the brownish color is what my pureed rhubarb looked like, the yellow is the rest of the batter it was going into)

In the large mixing bowl I added in:
Flour -about a cup or so
Sugar -about half a cup
Butter -about 1/4 c
The Rhubarb mix
And Oat Bran flakes about 1/2c
-Blended all the above together then added in:
Baking Soda -approx 1tsp
Baking Powder -approx 1tsp
Salt -a pinch
Cinnamon -about 1 1/2 TBS
Vanilla -about 2TBS

My measurements were random but those were my guesses lol....
I blended it all together, then sprayed a muffin pan and put my batter into each muffin round. 
Baked in the oven at 350 degrees until nicely browned on top.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love You More - Book Review

Adoption has always been in my heart since I was young, so I am glad I chose this book,."Love You More" Written by Jennifer Grant. It is a book about a mom's journey through adopting her daughter from Guatemala. A woman who knew for years, that she would like to adopt in her future, and then having three kids of her own, she still felt a longing emotion to complete her family with one more child, through adoption. Grant and her husband researched several different countries on where they would decide to adopt from, keeping a list of all the possibilities. As time went on, they narrowed down the list-just by different happenings such as a certain country closed or requirements didn't fit them. I loved how they did that because it gave me that idea to do with my husband, for our hopefully someday adoption. They ended up narrowing it down to Guatemala. They found the perfect girl for their family and with a long emotional wait to receiving her, but it was all worthwhile for them. I loved how Grant separated each time of adoption, into chapters, explaining the process of each time period. It felt as if I was almost right there along with her, through her adoption process. It brought me close to the author and gave me more of a sense in how adoption works. Grant opened her heart and let the readers feel just a glimpse of what she felt during her waiting period, for her beautiful baby girl. I loved every bit about this book, a very encouraging read.

I received this book from Booksneeze in exchange for my review.

Monday, August 22, 2011

No Longer A Slumdog - Book Review

I wrote a previous post on getting a free book called "No Longer A Slumdog". I received my free book really quick after I signed up to get it and I read it all in one day!
When I began reading it, I felt so sad for all the stories they tell, about the people living in poverty and the things they have to face. It's really sad that people live in those environments of poverty, with the pain and suffering. It makes me want to help them out because no person should have to live in those lifestyles. But, In all honesty, while I was reading the end of the book, I felt like I was watching one of those commercials that make you feel bad and guilt you into sponsoring a child in a poor country. Don't get me wrong, I would love to help all those people in poverty, if I could! But I don't want people to push things onto anybody with a guilt trip. Also, I've never liked the idea of sending money to a company that says they give it to the people in need, but I don't specifically see it being given so It makes me feel uneasy. I rather give straight to those in need, then go through a company that I don't have a clue where it really goes! That's just my 2sense though.
If this company is legit then that it an amazing thing they are doing and I am more than happy that they can do it. It's great to make a difference in someones life in need. I hope that all of us can learn to help a life in need!

DIY Stress Balls

To make these fun DIY Stress balls, I 1st made homemade playdough. To make the homemade playdough, I mixed flour, salt and water and kneaded it all together well. I then stuffed a balloon with the play dough and tied it closed, then pulled another balloon over that one and cut the top of the tying part off. Easy as that! Your own diy stress balls and you can draw faces on them with a permanent marker :) these would work great as kids birthday-party favors!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

When The Hurt Runs Deep - Book Review

I recently requested to review  "When The Hurt Runs Deep" written by Kay Arthur. I chose this book in thought that it would be helpful in my life changing journey of improvements and happiness. And also, I have read her book "A Marriage Without Regrets" and loved it, so I was hoping to love this one too. I should have figured by the title, that it would be a "Deep" book on pain. I tried several times, on different occasions, to read this book but each time I could not find myself getting into it. It made me feel really sad and depressed-I just couldn't relate to it. I feel like this book isn't for everyone but others might find it very helpful when they face hard times in life..

*This review is made possible by the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group via Blogging for Books,  
by providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Mat Kearney-music review

I was selected by One2One Network, to review a copy of Mat Kearney's CD: Young Love.
This is Mat's 3rd album and he reached the #1 spot on iTunes album. Known for his hit single "Hey Mama" which you can hear on his website or Facebook page.

I have got to say, I love his music. It's the kind of music you can pop in your car stereo and listen to it while driving with the windows down and the sun shining in. The sound has a breezy feel to it that makes you want to sit back and relax. There were a few songs I didn't care for but I absolutely love his "Hey Mama" song. It's got such a catchy beat that just makes ya smile :)

You can check out Mat Kearney at his website, his Facebook or twitter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making a Doll from a Bead

I found these cute little bead head's at a 2nd hand store and found a use for them! My cousin loves dolls, as any girl does :) And she was going in for surgery so I wanted to make her something sweet. I waited til the last minute, procrastination is always a bad idea, I wish I could have spent more time on it... But I did what I could do. I made a body from pipe cleaners, attached the bead head and a sewing thread spool. Glued it on with hot glue for added structure. I glued on several pieces of stringed yarn-for the hair, and found a barbie shirt for it to wear. I then wrapped some lace around it as a skirt and used beads for its feet. It turned out cute...not as great as I hoped it'd look, but she loved it.

Beechnut's Freebie

I've been receiving a lot of freebies lately! I joined up with Beechnut and received a coupon to get a FREE Beechnut Stage 4 Product! I'm thinking about using mine to get some juice. What would you get from Beechnut's Stage 4 products?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Book!: "No Longer A Slumdog"

Get a free book titled "No Longer A Slumdog"
(Description from website "Be among the first to read this gripping narrative that displays the redemptive power of God among the most fragile.

This next great wave of transformation is changing the lives of children, their families and entire communities.
Filled with riveting stories of God's redeeming love

Your heart will rejoice as you share in their triumph. This dynamic book will open your eyes to an amazing move of God.")


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Motts For Tots Apple Juice Boxes

Awhile back, Vocalpoint was giving away Motts for Tots samples and I finally received mine! It came in this cute little box. A Motts for Tots Juice box and 3 coupons. My son was excited to see a package in the mail, meant for him :) And as soon as I opened it, he drank it up! He loved it :) I tried it and it taste great. It does taste more watered down then the usual Motts apple juice but I'm 
perfectly fine with that because that means it's less sweet!

Looks like we'll be getting Motts for Tots in the near future,
And will happily use my 55 cent off coupon too :)

My happily satisfied son, drinking Mott's for tots

Monday, August 8, 2011

Join in on Ragú Momversation TONIGHT!

At 8pm tonight (ET time) August 8th 2011. Ragú® Facebook page is hosting a live stream chat with Audrey McClelland, to talk about when Dinner's Get Tough. Come join the conversation to laugh and vent about all that goes on in the kitchen. Join @audreymcclellan TONIGHT 8pm ET for a LiveChat to talk about when dinnertime gets #tough. #momstheword


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Carmex SPF 15 Moisturizing Lip Balm's

As a member of the Carmex Blog Squad I am getting to review their wonderful products in exchange for my own opinionated thoughts on it.

Before I received the products, I was told that I'd be getting 3 lip balms and a picnic blanket but I never imagined such a cute arrival. All these products in a box filled with yellow confetti and tied together with a red bow. It was like I was opening up a gift, so fun! :)

These lip balms are made with all of Carmex's moisturizing ingredients but these lip balms have additional moisturizers which are not found in Carmex's original line.

Lip Balm #1 was Carmex Lime Twist click stick with SPF 15. It has a faint lime smell, nothing too over powering...but my first thought of the smell was it reminded me of pine sol or some other cleaning agent. Usually any lime scent will do that though.

Lip Balm #2 was Carmex Vanilla Click Stick with SPF 15. This too has a faint scent but of Vanilla. To be honest, it made me feel like I was putting Vick's Vapor rub on my lips though :( I would have liked if the smell of Vanilla was a bit stronger.

Lip Balm #3 was Carmex Moisture Plus with a Satin Gloss Finish. This one I liked the most! The tube is fancier making it feel like a "beauty product" when inside it's a lip protecting lavish filled with Aloe, Vitamin E and SPF 15.

And of course the fun Picnic came folded nicely with a flap that has a pocket zipper on the side and a handle on the top, for easy carry. I love that the bottom of the blanket has a plastic coating to protect the blanket from getting damp. It's larger then I was expecting, which makes it so much greater for picnic usage when you have a husband with very long legs lol. This blanket is fun for even non picnics! When I spread it on our living room floor, my son's (age 4) imagination went wild! It then became a magic carpet flying us to all kinds of fun adventures!

So thank you Carmex for letting me experience this fun Carmex Blog Squad Kit :)

AND TO MY READERS! One of you can win a kit just like this which, again, includes:
1 Carmex Lime Twist click stick
1 Carmex Vanilla Click Stick
1 Carmex Moisture Plus Satin Gloss Finish
1 Picnic blanket

To enter for a chance to win your very own Carmex Kit please first and foremost, make sure you're following my BLOG. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A CONTACT EMAIL SO I CAN GET AHOLD OF YOU IF YOU WIN :)
2nd ENTRY: Follow me on twitter.
3Rd ENTRY: Add me on Facebook.

Congrats Sohamolina!

Pampers Kandoo!

I received Pampers Kandoo wipes and a coupon for a free flushable wipes tub and a $1.00 off coupon for any product of theirs. :) Looks like I'm going to be buying my son some fun foaming hand wash soon! :)

The Superman Project

I love redecorating and when money is tight...and art is can't always get the items
you want to buy! Well my son, 4 years old now, is really into Superheroes so I wanted to give him some sort of hero art for his bedroom. So I made Superman Wall art for him! 
Then I found a cute chalkboard sign for only 99 cents at Michael's!

Can you guess what I made Superman art from??

Well it was made from......................

A Culinary Circle Frozen Pizza, Pizza Box!! Talk about frugal art :)
I began by taping shut the opened edge, then painting the box in a dark blue color, 2 coats. After that dried I painted over it with a lighter blue coat, twice, and it came to this pretty blue color. I printed out my superman from this retro poster but I brightened everything to where there was just a faint line of Superman for me to go off of. I painted it using fabric paint-since that's pretty much all I had on hand and it was so much easier just squeezing paint from the tube rather than using a paintbrush. And I just traced the lines & filled in my colors. Once it was all dry I glued on googly eyes and drew him a face. I attached it to the box in the center and used a product-which I can't remember the name at the moment of what it is-will update when I can get to it-but it's made to harden items like fake flowers. And I used a paintbrush to apply all of the goo. Let it sit to dry and it gave the painted box a nice shiny, hardened texture! After it was all dry, I hot glued a piece of felt loop and then duck taped it for extra stability and used the to hold up the art piece-with a tack!
Simple, easy and fun decoration :)