Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tomorrow We Move!

My goodness, how fast time has been flying.
Christmas is almost here! Are you ready?

We aren't!

Not quite yet anyway...

We're moving tomorrow!! 3 days before Christmas!! The day before Christmas at my moms!!

It's a hectic time to move...but we've waited since September to move to our new location! The original place we were moving to ended up having too many problems, which is too bad because that place was a 3 bedroom townhouse. So now we're just moving to a different 2 bedroom apartment...and this's upstairs :( Not ooberly happy about that! But at least the downstairs neighbors will help heat our upstairs place :) And we wont have to deal with loud upstairs neighbors...but moving things up the stairs is going to be a pain!!

I just want to get moved in and settle so I can fully enjoy Christmas.

So if I am MIA more so then's because I'm packing crazy and in the mode of moving!

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