Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We're All Moved In!

As you know by my previous post, we were moving three days before Christmas! December 22nd, was are move in date. We started at 12pm and ended everything completely at 12am!! A 12 hour process! We put everything in a uhaul and my hot hubby drove it to our new place, as well as my mom drove her packed SUV. Once we got everything moved into the apartment, me and my hubby unpacked EVERYTHING! lol which is why it took a full 12 hours to get everything done. It was exhausting but felt good to have everything unpacked all in one day and didn't have to wake up the next day to unpacking. We were able to enjoy a relaxing Christmas time and I even like our new place. I was worried about moving to an upstairs apartment, (Moving things UP the STAIRS was incredibly exhausting!) But its got some beauty up here. I like the scenery of our living room window. A nice tree that squirrels chase each other on, as well as some more greenery. I will have to post a photo! It stays warm up here, which is nice for Winter :) Not sure how Summer will be...But for now I'm liking this place pretty good. It's got some great stores all in walking distance. There's some kids around my sons age.

It feels like home for now :)

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