Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seduced By The Taste

The new show, The Taste on ABC is all about Seduction foods this week, where the contestants have to seduce their mentors with just one bite. So for Influenster, I am writing about a time that I have been Seduced by food. I have to go with my husbands cooking. He is a delicious cook and makes amazing foods! But two of the most memorable foods he has made that "seduced" me would be the time he made a lava chocolate cake and another time he made fried chicken. He's from the South and has always made fried chicken delicious, but there's this one specific time that stands out to me, he made it better then ever. This chicken truly did seduce because he was still eating his drumstick by the time I was all over him, seducing him! ;) 

The chocolate cake he made was from scratch. He rarely ever makes desserts, which is probably for the best since I have an outrageous sweet tooth lol...but this one time, he made a rich chocolate lava cake that was so moist...but it was the toppings that made it seducable! He made a chocolate glaze made from 90% dark cocoa, butter, and sugar and topped it with a caramel which was made with goats milk. He then topped sliced strawberries...muah! It was so good it was sexy!

How have you been Seduced By Taste??

Check out The Taste on ABC! It shows Tuesdays at 9/8c

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