Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tortillas in the Toaster

Living in an apartment that has no air conditioner, on a hot Summer day, can be very arduous. 
So I've been trying to find different ways to make our dinner, without needing to heat up the oven! I usually take a day to make the meat, enough for the week or at least a few days, then each day I try to make anything else I need for our dinner that day, in the morning. For tonight's dinner, I made tacos, but this time I wanted my tortillas crispy. But I didn't want to turn on the stove top, just to fry up some burritos, so I put my mind to work... 
'If we can toast bread in a toaster....why not toast tortillas too?!'

The kind of toaster I have is a 4 slice toaster so it could fit medium size tortillas in. All you do is fold tortilla in half, and place it on one side of the toaster, and another tortilla on the other and toast as you would bread! I wasn't sure how long to toast them for, so I watched the first two toast on a 2, and they needed a bit more toasting so I popped them down again. Watching until I see the edges bubbling and browning and I popped them up. The second two I toasted, I thought I had this down so I started fixing the meats for the tortillas. Remembering I was toasting tortillas...I shot around to the toaster just in time to pop the tortillas up and found they were slightly burnt and next thing I know, the smoke detector is going off! {oops} So make sure you keep watch at the tortillas toasting so you don't risk burning them ;) You can toast your tortillas to your preference, then place the meat fixings into them and your dinner is ready! So simple and it barely even heats the kitchen up.
Not to mention they taste amazing too!


  1. Makes me wish I had a toaster again. I use a tortilla machine. I do plan on showing this to my oldest boy. Single boys need to eat too.

  2. The toaster is ideal for preparing delicious sandwiches.
    Have you ever heard: A king’s breakfast, a prince’s breakfast, and a poor man’s dinner? Although this is an old saying, know that it is the secret of a good diet. We may not be here for a nutrition lesson, but your first meal will have a big impact on the energy you get for the rest of your day. Of course, there are various breakfasts and we can not limit ourselves to one.


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