Monday, August 10, 2015

Disappointed With Worx Toys on Their Lack of Bo-Po Nailpolish

 Disclaimer: I did NOT receive the following product...This review is written on behalf of a complaint.

I'm very sad to start this post off negatively because I really hoped I would get to review the Bo-Po Brush On/Peel Off Nailpolish. The company approved me to review their polish, said they sent the product, and I waited a few weeks...never received. So I wrote the reply. Waited a week or so, wrote again, still no reply. So I decided to reach out to them on both Facebook and their actual Website. Do you think they replied?  

So this post is mainly to keep my goods with Tomoson because I am a constant reviewer there and I don't want my rating to drop over something that is not my fault. I will write this "review" but want you to know that my experience with Worx Toys has been very unprofessional on their part. I noticed other reviewers have had this same issue as well and they were very disappointed too.
Ugh if only companies could follow through on their word.... But I digress.

Bo-Po Nailpolish would have been fun to experience since it is a lot better for you then other polishes. Bo-Po is nontoxic, odor free, and hypoallergenic, making it safe for children and pregnant women. Plus it's available in a variety of fun colors and comes in a spill proof bottle so younger girls can paint their nails themselves without the worry of knocking over the bottle! The polish peels off easily too so you don't need to use that stinky terrible nail polish remover. It sounds like a great product and even won the 2015 Dr. Toys Best Classic Tow Award.

 If only I would have received it.... 

I sadly and disappointingly never received the product mentioned above using and Worx Toys. 
This post has been written to share my bad experience with the Worx Toys company.  

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  1. I am sorry the company did not follow through. I had that happen on my very first item to review on Tomoson. I never got a chance to review anything after that. I gave up on the website. Thank you for writing this blog. It helped me to learn not all companies are what they seem. It wasn't on Tomoson end.


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