Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Hideaway - Book Review

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The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton is a fictional story full of hope, love, and decisions to be made... With the main character as Sara, she leaves her life of New Orleans to return to her home town in Sweet Bay, Alabama, when she learns her grandmother has passed away. Among Sara's return to Sweet Bay, she discovers her grandmother, Mags, had left her The Hideaway B & B. Though it was once a beautiful place, the B & B needed a lot of work and Mags put then renovations in Sara's hands. Sara owned her own Antique Shop in New Orleans, and loved dealing with furniture, but this was a big project for her. She not only had to worry about the B&B, but also the tenants that were still living in it, Mags best friends. Sara decided to stay in the B&B while renovations were being made, and in that time, she began thinking the stay wouldn't be so bad. Things were changing and happiness was being found...including a discovery of an old box that lead to clues about a life Mags had that not many knew about. This lead Sara on a mystery to unwind her past and piece the puzzle together.

I truly loved reading this book. It was one of those stories that keeps you wanting more. I enjoyed meeting the characters, one after another, feeling close to them and understanding how they fit into the mystery. Reading the past of Mags life and the present of Sara's, and how they intertwined together to unfold their story really makes you a part of it all. I love finding a good book and this one has really captured my heart. I was so sad to finish it haha. I definitely recommend this novel to readers out there who love feel good stories with romance and mystery combined.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Improve Your Gut Health with Restore + 20% Off

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Improve your gut health with Restore, a soil-derived mineral supplement made to fight everyday environmental and food-born factors while providing a good space for the healthy bacteria to flourish. Restore also helps protect your immune system and intestinal walls by nurturing membranes in the gut and blood/brain barrier to work correctly and keep our bodies healthy. It helps rid of the nasty items our insides contain such as junk from processed foods, GMO's, gluten, and herbicides, just to name a few. Restore will help destroy these chemicals and create a stable environment for our guts to give us a better well being.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I began using Restore. I liked the idea of ridding the toxins from my body and cleaning me out to be a healthier version of myself. Upon opening, I noticed that Restore doesn't really have a scent, though it is a yellow color, like that of apple juice. The taste is plain, but when I drank it at room temperature, the liquid made me want to gag lol, so I keep mine in the fridge, though this isn't required. I drink 1tsp at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and take it like a shot in a medicine cup. It's easy to do, but makes it more inconvenient than a pill you take once a day. For the first 3 days, I feel like I noticed a difference in my body, in that of being able to flow easier, which in turn, left me feeling lighter which I loved. But after that 3rd day, I haven't noticed a difference at all. I finished the entire bottle and am not sure if It did anything for me or if I should even notice any changes. It was nice to try and if it did indeed build up my guts for the better, then it was worth it. 

Included in the kit I received was the Restore Sinus Spray. It came at the perfect time, when my allergies were flared up and my nose was desperate for an itch relief. Within minutes of using the spray, my nose felt much more relieved! It helped sooth my nasal passage and clean it of any dust particles that may have been in there. I've only tested it one other time since then, because my allergies haven't been bothering me, but I will definitely be using it again! 

Trying Restore to improve your gut health might be a good option for you. You can get a 20% discount at until July 16, 2017 if you use the code B7X66JY

Restore can be found available for purchase on their website ( in practitioner offices, health food stores, Amazon, and GNC stores nationwide. You can also find more information, pictures and more on their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Me: A Compendium - Book Review

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

 Me: A Compendium made by the Wee Society, is a fun fill-in journal made for kids to enjoy jotting their ideas and drawings into. This book is full of colorful illustrations with questions or instructions to follow and answer, opening young minds to be imaginative. It has sections for kids to answer interesting questions about themselves, from as easy as what their hair color is to what they would take to outer space. There are parts for them to draw what they like to do or where they like to go, among other stuff. There is even a secret hiding spot in the book, for them to hold special little papers at. This book has loads of fun throughout it and encourages children to use their minds in fun and exciting ways!

I gifted this book to my son awhile back and he loved it! There was so much for him to get into, writing things down, answering the silly questions as goofy as he could, or just drawing interesting creatures to go with the part. I love how vivid the colors are and that there are page after page of activities to do. It makes for an entertaining read to go back through and see his stories and responses. The book has now become a treasured keepsake so that when he's all grown up, we can look back and be reminded how silly he was!

Me: A Compendium is an excellent book to give children as a gift. It's the perfect rainy day book, or activity to do throughout the summer. You can find this book available on Amazon for under $10.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks Great For Teething!

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Are your teething babies ready to enjoy a mid morning or afternoon snack?

 Baby Mum Mums has a delicious selection of easy to nibble teething rice biscuits. These biscuits are made of premium, gmo free, Japonica Rice, without gluten or dairy and excludes most common allergens including wheat, salt, nuts, eggs, tapioca, and sugars. These biscuits are made with natural products and do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are baked to perfection and come ready to eat.

Baby Mum Mums are such a fun little treat to give your teething baby or toddler. I love how soft and edible these crackers are, and that they dissolve easily so your little one can munch on them with ease. There are a handful of great flavors to choose from for a nice variety in snacks, even older children and adults may find these tasty! I have tried each of the flavors: Vegetable, Blueberry & Goji, Sweet Potato & Carrot, Apple & Pumpkin, and Banana. My favorite ones have to be the more fruity kind, top being Banana and second favorite being the Blueberry & Goji. They have a nice natural fruitiness but not overly sweet and has the perfect hint on flavor.

These biscuits are great for a low sweetened healthier munchie and give the perfect introduction of your babies eating snack like foods. I think my only downfall with them is they break easily. Otherwise they are perfect little crackers to start your kids off on! 

    You can find Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusks in a variety of flavors, available in most grocery stores near you. You can also visit to find more information and products. As well as find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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