Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Got My Book!!

   I signed up at Waterbrook Multnomah's Blogging For Books. You get free books, read them, then write reviews on them! It's an amazing thing they are doing. And I just received my book! 
The book I chose is:

          "Love & War: Devotional for Couples" By John & Stasi Eldridge.

I chose this book because awhile back, I had read "Captivating" by Stasi and I just loved it! 
So this seemed to be my match for my first chosen :-) It is a devotional, so each chapter is suppose to be read a day, but for me, it's too short to wait a day to go on so I will most likely read it all at once how I please :) When I finish, I will be writing a review on on their website and here also, 
so be sure to look forward to it! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flinstone Vitamins...

   We have always bought Flintstones Complete Vitamins for our son and never had a problem with them. Until recent. The vitamins were not too be expired for another year, and yet, they seemed to have been past expired. They started having strong stinky smells and got black spots. I researched it online and others had the same problem too and was told that it was just too much air had gotten to them and it was harmless. We kept on using them, thinking it wasn't too big of a deal...until I noticed the vitamins were beginning to develop a liquidy substance in and around them. That was my sign to not give them to him anymore. I contacted the Bayer company (Who these vitamins are through) and they sent their apologies along with a coupon for free vitamins. They also requested that I sent in the leftover vitamins in their container, so they can test them and see what was happening. Paid postage and all so that was nice. By the time I got that package to send them in, the vitamins were completely black and smelly. Might be from too much air, since I had to pull them out of the garbage! Thankfully I had just changed it so they weren't with anything else. But still, a vitamin turning black is just weird to me..They told me they will let me know what they find!

Quail Eggs

   I have seen different things on people eating quail eggs. Seems like a fancy kind of food to try. So I caved in and got some. Only $1.79 for a dozen. Now their dozens are about the amount of maybe 2 or 3 regular chicken eggs. They are that tiny! The flavor is a little bit buttery then a chicken egg, but I'm not much of an egg person to begin with so I'm fine without buying them again. Aren't they cute though?

Grapples-A New Kind of Apple?

   Have you ever had a "Grapple"? It's a mix between an apple and a grape. 
Basically, it's just an apple that has a slight grape taste. 
In my opinion, the grape flavor is almost similar to grape flavored cough medicine lol.

I prefer my apples to be regular. Grapples taste too chemically altered to me. 
My son likes them...But what kid wouldn't lol.

*I purchased these in our local Albertson's store, they also sell at Walmart. 
Retail price is between $4 and $6 for a pack of four. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Sweet Nostalgia

   You know that nostalgic feeling you get when you see "old school" things from your past? I found  "The Pillow People" online..I use to have the sweet girl pillow and that lead to finding all these others old school items :) Enjoy ~

Cabbage Patch Dolly's

Baby Tumbles Doll

Cupcake Dolls

Daffy Duck Plushy

Disney's Aladdin doll

Easy Bake Oven

Huggabunch Babies

Jelly Bean Yum Yum Bunny

Kid Sister & My Buddy Doll

Krystal Princess Dolls (I had the blue one)

Mr. T....Yes I had this Mr. T :) He was awesome!

My Little Pony's, petit and normal size


Pound Puppies & Pound Purries

Puppy Surprise

Kitty Surprise


Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Tyco Bitsy Bears

Tyco So Soft Newborn Quints

Water Baby

 Woodsey Log & 3 Squirrels

McDonald's Toy Food

Oh the list could go on and on....I just love that nostalgic feeling...brings back old memories.
The 80's had some good choice making in toys :)

[None of these photos are mine. They were all found online through google search]

Monday, December 13, 2010

Worm in My Kitchen

   When I was little, I use to love worms. I would play with them and be so intrigued in how they moved and seeing the little veins from their transparency...They were cool creatures.....
back when I use to play in the mud and make mud pies.....

   Now? I despise worms. They are disgusting. Ever since I had a really awful dream about worms when I was about 8, I have had a huge fear of them. I will not go into details of that dream, but let's just say it was extremely bad for it to still haunt me all these years. 

   This morning, I had to face my fears. After telling me husband good bye as he left for work, 
I closed the front door to find a slithering, ooey gooey, long and slimy...WORM! It must have slithered underneath our door while I was telling my hubby good bye..or even worse...
possibly through the night...when we were lying in bed! I'm just thankful I didn't find it 
*in my bed*!!! But this worm, it was in the corner, squirming around, trying to find an exit, 
I suppose. My husband had already left, so I had to deal with it. 

   Paper towels to the rescue! But even a paper towel couldn't cut my fear. I offered my 3 year old son to take care of it!! haha...he said no. *I may have raised him to hate worms -oops!*  I folded the paper towel and got closer to this nasty creature...and attempted to pick it up. Gut reaction's were setting in, and I freaked out and dropped it. Something about these little guys, 
worry me that it will go crazy and wriggle up my arm. Same with snakes. 
And rat tails. And really, anything similar. 

   After the 1st try, I decided that if I wanted this thing out of my kitchen I would have to woman up and get it done. Will power I tell ya. So I got that little critter fast as I could...
and threw it out the door, into the grass....well more like the sidewalk...
but at least it's out of my house :) 
A rare time when I could actually stomach taking a photo of a worm. I admit, the veins are still kind of intriguing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Limited Edition Lucerne Yogurts

   I love the Holiday's because they always come out with new "limited edition" flavors of different foods. I tried out Lucerne's new holiday yogurts: Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, and Apple Pie. Sounds pretty yummy right? Think again. Well for me anyways. The pumpkin pie flavor was a bit too seasoned 
and too much like pureed pumpkins...I suppose that is what it basically is haha..and gingerbread was decent I suppose but nothing I could sit and eat a lot of. I took a few bites 
and decided I would make me a gingerbread milkshake! I poured it in the blender with some ice, milk, 
and a few spoons of ice cream-gingerbread cookie ice cream at that-but vanilla would have worked fine too. Maybe even better so it would be less sweet. And lastly, the apple pie flavor. The first two bites were alright..but just feeling the apple chunks in my mouth...the texture was not what I expected so I just had to toss it. It's always fun trying out new things, especially when they are not very heard of. But I will never buy these yogurts again...nor recommend them. Unless you just like these kinds of things...Then feel free to stock up! Haha. I think I will just stick to my normal vanilla and strawberry flavored yogurts though. Until they come out with even more new flavors!

Blogging for Books

   Do you like to read books? Blogging for Books allows you to choose one book at a time that they ship you and you get to keep the book for free! All you have to do is own a blog and read the book, then write a review on the book after you finish. They get the book to you within 10-14 days! So this is very cool for you to check out if you are a big book reader and are interested in reviewing different books.
Just go to Waterbrook Multnomah's page, Blogging for Books 
and fill out your information to get started!

Babie Animals Are so Cute!

   Baby animals...well really...anything BABY! 
Just melts my heart so I wanted to share these sights I found :)

And a few photo's from those sites so you can see 
just how cute we're talking :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to TemporaryWaffle

I started blogging because I wanted a new hobby and to meet new people at the same time. Blogging seemed like the perfect opportunity. I love reviewing products and holding giveaways, As well as sharing whatever I may come across that needs sharing ☺

The name "TemporaryWaffle " came about when I couldn't think of a title myself, but I knew I wanted it to deal with WAFFLES. Why waffles you ask? When me and the hubby were first together, there were times when we would make waffles at odd hours through the night-depending on how late we stayed up. We both loved waffles and even had a heart shaped waffle iron so that was just kind of became "our thing" ♥ When we had our son, he found a love for waffles as well, so we became a waffle lovin' family. When I just couldn't figure out what word would complete the waffle, a name generator came to the rescue...
That's when Temporary Waffle was born, and it just seemed to fit ♥