Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Sweet Nostalgia

   You know that nostalgic feeling you get when you see "old school" things from your past? I found  "The Pillow People" online..I use to have the sweet girl pillow and that lead to finding all these others old school items :) Enjoy ~

Cabbage Patch Dolly's

Baby Tumbles Doll

Cupcake Dolls

Daffy Duck Plushy

Disney's Aladdin doll

Easy Bake Oven

Huggabunch Babies

Jelly Bean Yum Yum Bunny

Kid Sister & My Buddy Doll

Krystal Princess Dolls (I had the blue one)

Mr. T....Yes I had this Mr. T :) He was awesome!

My Little Pony's, petit and normal size


Pound Puppies & Pound Purries

Puppy Surprise

Kitty Surprise


Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Tyco Bitsy Bears

Tyco So Soft Newborn Quints

Water Baby

 Woodsey Log & 3 Squirrels

McDonald's Toy Food

Oh the list could go on and on....I just love that nostalgic feeling...brings back old memories.
The 80's had some good choice making in toys :)

[None of these photos are mine. They were all found online through google search]

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