Friday, July 29, 2011

Baking Soda & Vinegar Works Wonders

So We have a Wok and it got extremely ruined the 1st time we used it. It turned a rusty color inside it and had an odd smell from it. Well..since we had just bought it, we didn't want to just toss it. So I tried the old Baking Soda remedy. I rinsed the wok, then sprinkled baking soda in it and poured vinegar over that, to let it sit overnight. I did this twice. 

It worked amazingly well and took most of the tarnish off. I wish I had taken the BEFORE picture because it was really awful. But This pic here is how it looked the 1st time around in soaking:

And here's how it looked the 2nd time around. So much better! :

Baking Soda really works wonders and has so many uses around the house!!


Sewing/Craft Stuff

I have come to realize that loving art is taking a toll on my organization skills lol. I love to sew and have become a beginner sewer...I took a sewing class in high school and learned the jist of it there, then stopped until recently last year. My mom found me an old..and I mean 80's old...sewing machine that she got for free.. because they thought it was broken. Well after looking it and my mom fixed it! It was amazing lol. Sew I've sewn random objects here and there and found myself holding on to way too many fabric scraps for "just in case" I find something to make out of them lol. Well living in a small apartment, It became a messy hobby that drove my perfectionist brain insane! So I have decided to retire my sewing days until we have a big enough home with a possible craft/sewing section or even room, would be nice! I gave my sewing machine back to my mom and someday I will buy a newer model :) This way I don't have sewing items taking over my small home and if something pulls at me to be sewn...I can just borrow the machine from my mom :)
Now I need to figure out what to do with the crafting stuff. Having a small child, where we do lots of crafts together, I can't give up the crafting :) So I must do with what I can in organizing. This is a small area in my closet that holds mini shoebox tubs of items like ribbons, pens, some fabric I haven't given up, ect.

This part is tolerable I suppose...but I also have a cardboard box full of art supplies and also a plastic drawer full lol. How do you organize your supplies? Got any good tips for me??

My Glad Garbage Bag Sample

I received my Glad Garbage Sample from Vocalpoint, last week and got to try out the new Febreeze scented garbage bag and loved it! Once we're all out of the brand of garbage bags we have now..we will buy Glad Febreeze bags from now on! They smell wonderful and work great! So glad the sample included coupons too :) I love the package they came in too, so cute!

This post is made possible by Vocalpoint, in providing me the products to review. All opinions my own.

DIY Coffee Maker-using my free samples

I got some coffee samples in the mail the other day and really really wanted to use them.

These are the Keurig K-Cups...which use a special brewing system like this:

Problem is, I don't own a coffee pot or one of these systems, because if I did, I would drink way too much coffee :-P Well this morning...I really needed some sort of pick me up. I saw those coffee mind went to thinking. How could I brew this coffee without a coffee maker?? After some research on the internet, I found out how people made coffee in the older days. They call it "Mountain coffee" where they boil the water & coffee grounds all together, then strain them once it's done boiling. This was more then I cared to do so I kept searching. I decided to find a "substitute" for a coffee filter because I realized I could just finagle some cool set up and brew it that way. I found that paper towels, (Bounty brand) work really well!

So here is my set up:

I wanted to use a jar to pour into, but I didn't have a big enough one so my glass bowl had to do. 
I put a paper towel across the bowl and held it down with a rubber band pulled around the bowl.
Then I dumped in my coffee grounds into the center of the paper towel and found that inside the K-cup, it had a built in filter! So I pulled that out and put all the coffee grounds back into that, and placed it in the middle of the paper towel, just for added straining. It would work just as well without this filter though lol. I really didn't need to do that but I did just for experimentation.

I boiled 2 Cups of water...Then slowly poured the water in the center of the paper towel/filter/coffee ground area. The rubber band held all this in place, thankfully!

After all the water drained out, my coffee was finished. I let it cool for a few, then undid the paper towel-slowly or else it will fall into the coffee-and I strained the excess coffee water into the bowl. It came out fabulous and a beautiful rich color-just like any ol' coffee :)

I took a coffee cup, added in sugar and milk and poured my coffee into it! 
Mixed it all up and it's all finished. Came out DELICIOUS and so tasty.

Such an easy way to make coffee if you don't have a coffee maker!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painting on Canvas

How do you know what to paint?

I have always wanted to try out painting on canvas but have never wanted to spend the money on actually buying a canvas board because of fearing I would ruin it. Well today I just so happen to come across 2 FREE canvas boards!! A neighbor had no use for them so I took them off his hands. I have 2 different sizes, one is larger, approx. 18inx24in and the other 16inx20in. The problem is....I have NO IDEA what to paint on them! lol. I have all these ideas and can't decide on just one really...I want it to turn out really well because I plan on putting them up in my living room.

What would you paint?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Waiting Place - Book Review

The Waiting Place written by Eileen Button is a book filled with the "waiting" situations that the author dealt with. Things like waiting in traffic lights, grocery stores, children growing up...ect. Eileen Button put waiting places in perspective, as not always having to be a negative time, but a time to find something beautiful from waiting, or to remember to seek God in times of need. She points out that, we are in our own waiting places, so often, that we let them stir up frustration and impatience in us, that we do not even allow ourselves to see positive things come from them. We live in a world where everything is rush rush rush, and we don’t want to slow down and enjoy the simple things. We at times get so wrapped up in multitasking our lives, when waiting places hit, we end up forgetting to realize the beauty of God working in our situations.
Button writes “We wait to grow up, for true love, and for our children to be born. We even wait to die.” That is so true! There is so much waiting in our lives, that sometimes we fail to see what is right in front of us because we are always waiting for the next thing to come.
I Loved this book so much, I tried to stall in reading just so that I wouldn’t finish it lol. I could feel a lot of relation to some of these waiting places and it helped me see life a little differently. I want to embrace my waiting periods and see the beauty of even negative happenings; to pay attention to God working in my life, even when I can’t see it happening.

I received this book through Booksneeze in exchange for my review.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011