Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Are Some Good Homemade....


I attempted to make a potpourri with orange slices, cinnamon, and nutmeg but they weren't very fragrant. Any ideas on some good ways to make your own homemade FALL smelling potpourris?

DIY Wall Art + Leaf Garland

Above our dining table, I had 2 different size frames of family photo's along with a wall sticker stencil that says FAMILY and I liked that, but I just didn't feel like it matched well when I wanted to put Holiday decor out. I had a vision of a piece of art with a tree. I decided to attempt making my own art again. And made me a "Popsicle stick tree". I sorta got the idea from Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from Crafty Nest But did my own thing by making a normal-leafless tree. :) I started by setting out the Popsicle sticks how I would want the tree to look. This was my 1st try at how I wanted the tree and realized I didn't have a plug in close enough so I had to move me tree and re build it, which was fine because I like the finished tree better :) I then hot glued all the pieces together and painted it all black. After it dried, I a glaze atop it all and let it dry over night.

In the mean time, I made a real, heart shaped, leaf garland. 
Leaves were proudly given to me by these beautiful trees :)

These are the freshly heart cut leaves, drying with a glaze to keep their color long lasting. I got the idea from Letter 4 . I just love how hers turned out. But mine were a lot smaller hearts and not so greatly shaped :) But I went ahead and made it and now there they sit, 
wrapped around my newly made Wall Art :)

I love it. An easy and fun DIY Fall Decoration.

Playtex Sports Body Wipes

I received my Playtex Sports Body wipes. They have an interesting scent to them. And really, just feel like any ol' regular wipe...But they are a good, compact size that you can carry in your purse or bag. Great for a quick clean swipe after a run or workout at the gym, when you just don't have time to get in a shower!

Biore Blemish Fighter

I received my Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser sample, made to clear the complexion and help as an acne treatment. And tried it out this morning.
I loved the way it smelt, so cool and fresh. It had a deep cooling sensation on my skin which was interesting to feel. I think it would feel great on a hot summer day! It left my skin feeling so soft, but a tiny burn to it...So not something I would use every day but maybe once a week.

Listerine Total Care ZERO Review

Awhile back, a coupon was going around to get to purchase this Listerine Total Care ZERO product, for free. Well I used my coupon and tried it out the night I got it. It felt disgusting in my mouth. Had a numbing sensation, much like what you get from Orajel Toothache or baby teething relief. I was not a fan of this stuff at all. Free or not, I won't be getting this again.

Have you ever tried it? If so, how did you like it?

Tea Infuser Gone Coffee

I purchased this cute little tea infuser pot at World Market for only $4.99 with the idea of using it as a coffee pot. I don't drink enough coffee but there are occasions where I want to drink a cup or two so this fits me perfectly. The pot has a infuser cup inside it where I just put in a paper towel, or a mini filter once I buy those :) I put in the coffee grounds, boil about 6 cups of water, and slowly pour it into the infuser/coffee grounds section. It steeps into the tea pot and keeps warm. I love this because it keeps me from drinking too much coffee but allows me to have it on occasion. It's an easier version to my previous posting on my DIY Coffee Maker :)

My Target Deals for a Baby Shower

I had a baby shower to attend so I went shopping at Target on the outlook for a great gift. The baby is a little girl and I found the cutest outfit for her, all for under $7!

Since winter is approaching, summer clothing is selling like hotcakes. lol. I went at a good time.

Cute silver baby sandals, only $2.24
Pink baby socks $1.00
And adorable 2 piece butterfly outfit $2.24
And the hot pink gift bag to put it all in 75cents

A total of $6.23

A great deal! It wasn't til I got home and realized, I had completely forgotten to get her a card...so...I decided to make one. With all tools on hand, I used a card paper, folded it. Glued on some baby confetti and drew the baby myself. I wrote the 'congratulations' part with my adorable abc stamps (that I got at Walmart for only a dollar awhile back)

So there you have it. And adorable baby present for less then $7. Love it.
(cute little butterfly on the booty hehe)

Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes {Giveaway} BY "I'm A Lazy Mom"

Check out I'm A Lazy Mom's Giveaway on Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes! These things would be amazing, check em out and enter her giveaway!
Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes {Giveaway} ~ I'm A Lazy Mom....

(Above: I'm A Lazy Mom's Photo of Rubbermaid Storage Boxes)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

WINNER ANNOUNCED! Natural House Cleaning Products Review AND Giveaway

AND THE WINNER IS....Meme Mayha!! Congratulations! ************************************************************************************************* I received a 30 day supply kit to review, from Natural House which included 3 products: Trashy, Sinky, and Flushy which are natural household cleaning products.

I loved Trashy because it was just an easy spray into the garbage can (which you can also use it in diaper pails, recycling containers, bathroom containers, really any stinky container) and it left a delicious minty smell, in which my 4 year old son called it "a peppermint candy smell!" :) The minty smell lingered in the garbage and helped keep stinky odors away.
Sinky was a biodegradable foaming pouch filled with a citrus scented powder that dissolves in the sink drain, with hot water. It contains probiotics which create an odor eating ecosystem in your drain. It breaks down grease and food waste which prevents back up and clogging and also keeps dangerous food borne pathogens out of your sink. I wasn't fond of the smell but it was fun watching the pouch foam up and clean the drain.

Flushy was also a biodegradable foaming pouch that you drop into your toilet, removing stains, hard water rings, and rust streaks. It has probiotics that continue to consume toilet paper and waste build up in the p-trap, drain and pipes, leaving a healthy septic tank, with using just ONE BAG that lasts up to 30 days! I had fun using this one, as it turns the water a really pretty blue color while foaming up. You let it sit for a bit, then mix it around with your toilet brush and scrub around in the toilet, then flush. It will leave a light aqua blue color, but that goes away with a 2nd or 3rd flush.

I very much enjoyed testing these products out and love that they are Eco-Friendly and non-toxic. I recommend you to try these products out, I think you too would love them! You can buy their products on their site HERE or on Amazon-This would be a nice option for those who use Amazon perks like "Free Super Saver Shipping" or "Amazon Prime."
You also have a chance to win a 30 day supply of Natural House products for yourself, by entering my giveaway!!
TO ENTER, leave me a comment below telling me why you would like to win the 30 day supply for yourself.

Extra Entries:
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*Giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents*

I will choose a winner by November 18, 2011. Good Luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hanes Virtual Comfort Pckg

For Breast Cancer Awareness, Hanes has made a virtual app on Facebook that allows you to send a comfort package to brighten someones day :)

The virtual package can be customized with a photo, recipe, video and more, to fit the the perfect virtual gift for the one you love. Hanes will donate $1 (up to $25,000) to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., for each package that has been sent.
You can check it out on the Hanes Facebook Page
on the tab to the left of the page, titled "Pink".

So go on over to Hanes and send a comfort package to someone you know needs it.

...Put a smile on someones face...and a smile on your own :)

I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated in the post are my own.

uDraw Your City Art Contest!

"uDraw Your City has launched a nationwide art contest, in which young artists ages 6 to 17 years old have the opportunity to share what they love most about their city through art. Contestants can use a uDraw GameTablet to illustrate what they love most about their city - though entries may also be created in traditional print formats using any artistic medium.

THQ and uDraw invite kids to embrace their artistic inspiration and to share "what your city, your town, or your community means to you." Maybe it's the silhouette of your favorite building, a drawing of your friends at the park, or a stencil of your favorite local athlete.

The submission period runs through October 31, and the grand prize winner will receive a package worth more than $15,000, including a uDraw, and a $10,000 cash prize that the winner can choose to apply toward a college scholarship. Additionally, THQ will donate $10,000 to the winner's school of choice to help support its art program. Entries are judged on artistic merit (based on age group), creativity, and adherence to the overall city theme."


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knee Rice Bag Warmers

With the winter weather coming, my knees seem to ache when it gets cold. Especially when we're driving in the car, before the heat kicks on..So I decided to make me some knee rice bag warmers.

I took a knee high sock and cut the foot part off, then cut the length of the footless knee high into two and sewn the bottoms of each shut.

Then poured rice through a funnel into each sock rectangle, then sealed them up with the sewing machine. A very quick and easy fix to my cold knees.

Now all I need to do when I know we're going on a car ride in the chilly mornings, is take a few minutes before time to leave, and throw my knee warmers in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and I'm ready to go. Saving my knees from pain :)

Canvas Painting #2

I painted another Canvas! This was another canvas I got for free, from someone who had already started drawing art on it, which was the ladies face. I thought it was too beautiful to paint over so I wanted to allow it to seep through my own art. And that's just what i did! I traced over it with brown paint, then mixed blue and black together to get a midnight blue, and streamed yellow throughout. I just painted as my hands took me. My son says it looks like she is peaking through curtains :)

i have it in my bedroom. Matches our colors, with a midnight blue bed spread with circles in a different tone. And a yellow plant pot. Blues and yellows seem to be the bedroom theme right now so it fits.

I find myself getting anger out when I paint so I guess it's therapeutic :)

Post On My Birthday

My Birthday was on October 6. I turned 24! My husband had school/work until 2pm...so until then, it was just me and my little boy (age4). My son made me 3 cute cards. And said "I made so many hearts because I wanted you to know how much I Love you" Isn't he just so sweet???

Aside from my sons cuteness, the day started out really boring, and something upsetting happened that tried to ruin my day. But thankfully once my husband came home (which he got home a whole half hour early :)) Things began to get better. As soon as he walked in the door, he told our son to get his shoes on because they had to do "the thing" they talked about earlier lol. So they left me at home so they could do that thing. I ended up taking a nap..well..trying to lol. I had a really bad headache but had a hard time falling asleep. Once I actually started falling asleep though, they came home! haha. They brought in two gift bags for me :) One bag had a mini sewing machine in it and the other had a donut maker, with frosting, chocolate Reeses drizzle, and M&Ms!

Such great gifts. I needed a new sewing machine because the one I did have, I gave it to my mom because it was so big & bulky, taking up too much space in our small apartment. So a mini one is just perfect for right now.

My husband and son ended up making donuts and then we all sat at the table and frosted them. It was such a fun family moment. We placed them on a cake tier and placed a candle in the middle and they sung happy birthday to me. It was so sweet.

We then drove to Olive Garden to have my birthday dinner. It was the first time I had ever gone there and it is the BEST restaurant I have ever been to! I ordered the Grilled chicken flat bread and we got complimentary bread sticks and salad. The salad was the best I've ever had too! So yummy. And I love how they shred cheese atop anything you wanted. It was so good. After wards, we went to Baskin Robbins for dessert because I had a Happy Birthday free treat. Which I had gotten a scoop of Newyork cheesecake ice cream. Alittle too cheesy tasting for my taste buds though.

It was such a great night. This was the best birthday I've had And I look forward to many more.

Homemade Robot Plushy

A post I have not written yet, but will soon, is how my birthday (on Oct6) went! But couldn't wait to post this one; a birthday present my hubby had gotten me was a mini sewing machine! And my mom had given me some uneeded clothing for fabric and I decided to make my son a cute robot plushy/hero. I took an old fleece like cotton button shirt and thought up a pattern in my head as I went, to shape the robots head as a cube and the rest of the body sort of like a doll. I hand sewn on the head, legs and arms and with the legs and arms, I sewed them on with buttons. The arms are moveable for added fun and the robot has a red cape on with an "i" for incredible. I'm still a beginner sewer but I'm happy with how it turned out-for the most part- lol. Atleast it gave me more practice! :)

Swiffer 360 Duster Review

I received a Swiffer 360 degree duster through vocalpoint to test out. (as well as coupons) It's like any old duster really, but it does seem to hold in the dust better then those other feather dusters. It's nice that you can toss it once it's full, so you're not keeping the dust in your house, but it's kind of a waste of money to buy it, just to be tossing it away so soon. I think it would have been much better if it were a reusable duster pad. One that can be washed in the washing machine so you can reuse it until it falls apart lol. I do like that it's gentle on computer and tv screens. That's a great thing in our house :)

Have you ever tried the Swiffer Duster? What's your take on it?

Beech Nut Goodies

I received a coupon through Beech Nut for a FREE Stage 4 Toddler Goodies snack. I let my son help me decide on which to buy and we chose the Banana Bites. They are really rather tasty and a great healthy snack, made with whole grains. Each cracker is a banana shape that has a cute little face on, and they of course, taste like banana! They may be made for toddlers, but I think they're yummy for anybody!!

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

It being October, the Breast Cancer Awareness month, I decided to paint my finger and toe nails to match :) I did a coat of clear nails, then a hot pink let it all dry, then did a breast cancer ribbon in a lighter pink, on each nail.

I have found a new interest in learning how to design on my own nails so I decided to start a new "Nails of the Month" post :)
Be on the look out for next months! (or maybe even a Halloween theme in the next few weeks :)

Quick & Easy Homemade Counter Top Cleaner

I love using homemade house cleaners. It's better for the environment and the air we're breathing into our lungs. A common counter cleaner I use is a mix of water, vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap or essential oil, for smell. I add it all into a spray bottle and it's ready to clean the counters! 

This solution works great and cleans the surface. I have also found that a mix of alcohol and water in a spray bottle, work great as a streak free window cleaner. Although the smell on that one is a bit stronger. 

What kind of homemade cleaning agents do you use?

A Polka Dot Snail

I was going through some old photos on my desktop and found this snail. I so forgot that I did this a few summers ago!! My mom's back yard always had a ton of snails in the early mornings, I guess because it was so damp and grassy back there. And there was this one, just snailin around on the deck. I had the great idea to bring some color to its world! LOL. And yes, I painted it! Doesn't it look great?? :) I wish I painted more because it would have been so fun to see multi colored snails sluggin around lol.

Downy Unstoppables Review

I received my Downy Unstoppables sample from Vocalpoint, a few days back and used it in my load of towels. The pebbles are so cool and smell great. I love that they disintegrate in the wash. They made my clothes come out smelling great, "fresh like rain" as I put it :) The only downfall is that the scent didn't last long enough :(

Monday, October 10, 2011

Open Nature Ice Cream Review

I received a *free* coupon from Safeway to review their new Open Nature Ice Cream.

Open Nature is a 100% natural ice cream. Made with no artificial flavors or coloring. And it is made with milk from rBst free cows. They have a few different flavors, like: Vanilla Bean, Cherry Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Mint Chip and Strawberry. I wanted to pick something my family would also enjoy-since my hubby is slightly picky when it comes to ice cream lol, so I chose Strawberry. I figured strawberry would go well with making milkshakes and I was indeed right. When I first tried the ice cream, my initial reaction was how savory it was, that you could taste a difference in quality, it just felt creamier. But the more I ate into it, I felt it was way too sweet for my taste buds. Now I LOVE sweets, and have a powerful sweet tooth, but this, I just couldn't handle much at once. I do however think it will be marvelous in a milkshake!! And I love that it has fresh strawberries mixed into it all. A smooth ice cream to be enjoyed in small portions, and I'm looking forward to trying their other flavors!!

                                     (my ice cream)

Smiley Halloween Cookies

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate, with pumpkin face cookies! These cookies are from Smiley Cookie, a company that strives to make you smile! Every day, their cookies are distributed to community, charity and fundraising events and every year, more than 200,000 smiling cookies are donated to local non-profit organizations! You can even order customized cookies to match wedding colors, sport teams, ect. and have your cookies delivered fresh nearly anywhere to as many addresses as you choose! How cool is that?

I received my Smiley Halloween cookies in this adorable smiley box  
Inside the box held a package of a dozen, pumpkin face, cookies!

My first bite into these cookies, I thought the actual cookie part was a little dry; as well did the others I shared cookies with. But the frosting made the cookie taste great, and the added on candy corn, for the eyes and nose, made it even better! They are very sweet cookies with an addictive flavor. 

Sure to bring a smile :)


The Halloween cookies like I received above, are available for purchase on the Smiley Cookie site for $14.99 a dozen. As well as mini Halloween cookies to hand out for trick or treats and even a Halloween double dozen bouquet pack.

You can visit Smiley Cookie at http://www.smileycookie.com/ to view tons of fun cookies!
Also, find them on Twitter and Facebook and if you “like” them, you will automatically receive a coupon for 20% off on any of there Halloween Cookie Gifts and Baskets!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.