Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kitten Update!

   A few weeks back, I posted about the kitten we got, in hopes it was a boy in which we named 
Mr. Bumpus. Well our kitty is now 9 weeks old! And not a male... The vet confirmed that it still did not have balls it is indeed a girl kitty. She got fixed yesterday! Amazing how soon they can do that now! 
We were a little bummed to find out or kitty is a girl because we all really wanted a male kitten....
but we still love her anyways :)

And since the kitty is a SHE....her name is Eva. :) From Wall-E :)
We figure they're about the same coloring hehe and the name fits her great.
                                                                                                                                                  Wall-E Eve Photo source         

I Won! Scrubbing Bubbles. Review Too!

   I won a contest through Twitter, with Scrubbing Bubbles, and was mailed 2 Scrubbing Bubble products: The One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and the Color Power Technology Spray Cleaner.

I already know I love Scrubbing Bubbles spray cleaner so I was happy to receive the new color changing formula. It literally comes out blue and changes to white in seconds, ready to be wiped up!  I have never tried the new One Step toilet bowl cleaner so it has been fun trying out! You begin by hooking the contraption to your toilet...

And it should fit into the rim of your toilet like so --->

You then put the refill container into the device and apply the cover

And push your foot lightly on the pedal and wallah! The cleaner sprays out in a 360 degree circle and cleans up the toilet rings and limescale!

I was a little hesitant with the sprayer nozzle sitting inside the toilet in fear of someone pooping on it haha, so here is how it looks when the lid is down, and so far, it hasn't been aimed on! ;) 

{kitty thinks it's her new toy}

Thanks Scrubbing Bubbles, for choosing me as a winner and providing me with these amazing bathroom cleaners!

Our Free Canned Kitty Food Purchase!

   I received a Free coupon to get Meow Mix Pate Toppers for my kitty to try out. So we went to Petsmart and while I was at it, I used my coupon receipt for Petsmart which was $3 off $3 or more..so we got $3 worth of kitty canned food! Which equals all free kitty food! And when we got all that, we were given another $3 off coupon receipt so we will be getting more freebie kitty food soon! How awesome is that!

For our sweet little awnry kitty :)

June 6th...A Smile For The Gloomy

It's a few weeks past but I wanted to share...
 June 6 is the anniversary date of my dads death, back in 2003.

   This year was a little bit harder for me...or maybe it's hard for me every year and I just forget
 until the time comes back around again, but the day was a little gloomy. My son must have known 
I needed some cheering up though because he drew a smiley face on the day, and said 
"I think today deserves a smiley face on the calendar" So sweet.

Always Tampax Kit Samples

I received Always Tampax  Radiant Women's feminine products kit samples from Vocalpoint

In that kit it contained:
Coupons, a tampon, a panty liner, and a pad, all came in a beautiful pink and purple starry bag!

I don't use tampons but trying new pads is useful. The panty liner pad is cool if you want to wear a thong, you can just fold the sides down, so it goes with whatever type of underwear you want to wear. The pad's material was odd so I will still stick to my usual, but I am always happy to 
test out new things, and I love the new bag it came with! :)

This post is made possible by Vocalpoint for providing me the products to review. All opinions my own.

I Won! A Hank Player T-Shirt!

   I won a Giveaway over at Frugal And Fun Mom for a Hank Player T-Shirt for my lil man. I love the fabric, feels so soft and fits him great. I didn't get to pick the style of shirt, which was kind of a bummer because I know my son would have loved Skeletal Dinosaur so much...but it's ok cuz the one we got is cool too! Hank Player USA has so many cool shirts. I'm happy we won this contest because my son can always use new shirts! :) Especially ones so comfy. The first day he wore it, he got a compliment from a guy! lol...saying how cool his shirt is because it has a dirt bike on it ;) And it came at a GREAT time! Right around lil man's birthday day, which was on June 9th! He turned 5.

Here is my boy (sitting on his knees) wearing the awesome shirt we won :)

Coffee Mate: Caramel Macchiato Review

I received a free coupon to try out a new Coffee Mate flavor and the one I chose was Caramel Macchiato. Sounds delicious right??  It was extremely rich!

The day began by going shopping with my mom (and son), then dying each others hair (but not my sons lol) and we ended our fun with some nice warm coffee and the Caramel Macchiato creamer. I was expecting a delicious taste...which it was, but it was extremely sweet to me. My mom, however, loved it. I'm not a big coffee drinker so I wanted to try the creamer in something else...like..Tea! I added some Caramel Macchiato creamer into my Caramel Truffle tea and it was so yummy! It tasted like coffee but not nearly as strong, so it ended great for me. Not a creamer I will buy in the future, but I am happy I got the chance to try it out.

Thank you to Coffee Mate for providing me with a free coupon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Madagascar 3 Movie Party Review

To celebrate the new Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted movie coming out, with Crowdtap, we had a party!

I used printable character paper cutouts for our decoration. These were not as easy as they appeared to be! lol. I thought I could cut them and then color them and they'd look cute....but it turned out to be a little more difficult :)
Doesn't really look like an adult did it! haha. 

For food, I made BBQ meat cup appetizers (image from Betty Crocker), a fruit tray, crackers n cheese, and the fantastic Zebra cake topped with frosting, rainbow sprinkles and a toy giraffe. I love how the Zebra affect came out! :)  
(Cake Recipe posted below)

For games, we played Twister, pin the Afro on Marty the Zebra and our diy toss the pom poms game (which our kitten had a BLAST with!).. We also had the older Madagascar movies playing in the background. Was a fun day!!

Zebra Cake Recipe: 


This post and the delicious Zebra Cake recipe is made possible by Crowdtap.