Friday, August 19, 2016

Farchioni Extra Virgin Olive Oil From The Heart of Italy

   In 1780, one of the greatest Italian success stories began in the Farchioni Family. The story that came from decades of work and study that brought them their finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Farchioni oils come from the highest quality of olives, picked from Italy and other countries, to bring you the freshest oil they can achieve. Their number one oil is the evoo II Casolare that is available in three versions: Grezzo Naturale, Grezzo Naturale Fruttato Intenco, and Biologico. Each one is cold pressed and made using a variety of olives to keep that natural green color and unique taste. The oil has a balanced flavor with a hint of fruity aroma making its wonderful flavor stand out. Whether the oil is drizzled over a salad, used as a condiment, or paired with hearty foods such as steak or soup, its delicate flavor will bring charm to any dish. 

In choosing Olive Oil, there are a large variety of flavors to choose from. The difference in flavor is caused by which type of olive tree was used, what the climate and soil was like that the olive tree grew in, and the time range of when the olives were harvested. If olives are harvested early in season, such as late August, the olives will be under-ripe and produce oils that are more green in color, with a bitter and pungent taste. If the olives are harvested at the end of the season, such as late November and into December, the olives are over-ripe and will have a more mild and buttery taste. 

You will want to choose the right olive oil for your dish, 
these are some facts to help do so:

French Oil holds a mild flavor and is usually pale in color.  
Greek Oil holds a strong flavor and is usually green in color.
Spanish Oil has a fruity, nutty flavor and is a golden yellow color.
Italian Oil has a grassy flavor with an herbal aroma. It is usually dark green in color.
Knowing this will help you choose the right oil to use for each dish. 

   One of my favorite ways to use Olive Oil is in sauteing veggies. I coat the bottom of a pan with oil and let it warm, as Evoo has a smoking point of 400 Degrees Fahrenheit, so it works great in cooking or enhancing any dish, which is why this works out so well. I then add in veggies, such as cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic, and sprinkle in some seasonings such as black pepper and a little salt, stir it together and let it simmer with the lid on the pot. This makes such a great side dish. 
It is healthy and delicious, the whole family can enjoy it!

There are many uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the Farchioni Oils are a perfect set to experiment with. They are one of the top five producers, bottlers, and distributors of extra virgin olive oil in Italy, bringing you the best oil you can get. You can purchase Farchioni Oils at Whole Foods North Atlantic Region (New York metro market), Gourmet Garage in NYC, Best Markets in Long Island and Adams Fairacre north of New York City. Or maybe you will get lucky and find it in a store near you!

Be sure to visit 
for more information and products!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Relaxing In The Sport2Freedom Inflatable Air Bed Lounger

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

I am so excited to have had the chance to review another Inflatable Lounger!
The Sport2Freedom Inflatable Air Bed Lounger is an easy to use, portable outdoor couch that is perfect seating for outdoor events! Whether you're camping, going to the beach, enjoying outdoor concerts, or just chilling in your backyard, an air bed is the perfect accessory to have this Summer!

This compact design allows the lounger to be folded and carried on your shoulder, about the size of a purse or bag. You could even carry it inside your backpack! And it takes next to no time filling it with air, and you don't even need an air pump. You fill the bag with 100% outdoor air! To fill the bag, you have to hold it open while running around a few times, close it once the right amount of air is inside, then roll it and clip to seal it off and it's ready to be sat on! This lounger can hold up to 485lbs and stays inflated up to 8 hours. It is very durable, made of polyester fabric that is also waterproof so it will last a long time. It even has 3 convenient little pockets on the side so you can hold a book, your phone, and drink all at once.

This is such a great air lounger. It's our second one we've owned, and we love taking it to use for movies in the park or other outdoor events our community holds. I can't wait to try it out at the beach on the sand! The air bed is very comfortable and allows you to relax so well, you will want to fall asleep. This is a great product, I'm sure everyone in your family will want to own one for themselves!

You can find the Sport2Freedom Inflatable Air Bed Lounger available for purchase on Amazon for $39.99 and in three different colors: Blue, Pink, or Black like the one I received. Each lounger comes with full satisfaction to meet your needs.

I received product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back To School Snacks With Horizon Organics

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own.

It's that season again...books, school supplies, new clothes, and snacks!  Back to School is in full gear this time of year,  which means its time to stock up on those fun and easy to use school snacks! 

Horizon Organics make several school snacks you can feel proud to give your children. Their snacks range in a variety of crackers, fruit snacks, and fruit squeezes giving your children choices for each day of the week. These snacks are made with wholesome ingredients such as calcium, protein, whole grains, Vitamin D, Potassium, and more! They are also free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, as well as organic and GMO Free.

As a Bzzagent, I was sent some delicious Horizon Organic Snacks to try with my family. The first box we tried were the Horizon Organic Cheese Sandwich Crackers. We loved them! The silky cheese middle is so fun for kids to lick off, or just pop the whole cracker into your mouth and enjoy. The crackers taste great and they are not overly salty like a lot of snack crackers are. Plus you can taste the realness of the cheese, not no processed junk. I love that they have 3g of protein and 15% calcium in each serving (approx. 12 crackers). I think my son enjoyed the crackers more than me, because he was always asking for them lol. They are not only tasty, but their sandwich snacking makes them fun to eat. The only thing that I found sad about these crackers, is that children with nut allergies cannot eat them as they are produced in a facility that also produces tree nuts. Other then that sad factor, these crackers are fantastic and make a fun lunch box snack!

The second box we tried was the Horizon Organics Bunch O' Berries Fruit Snacks. These little squishys have such a nice texture and their flavor is amazingly delicious. Probably one of the best fruit snacks I have tried. I love the shape of the cows, and that these snacks are healthier than others, though I would love to see more fruit in the ingredients. The snacks contain Organic White Grape Juice Concentrate and Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, I would love to see more fruits and veggies added into these to make them even healthier. I do like that a serving of these fruit snacks contain 100% Vitamin C. Each box contains five pouches so a box will last about a week with one kid. These are perfect for adding to the lunchbox or as an after school snack. Though pretty sticky so make sure you include a wipe lol. 

   After enjoying the first two boxes of Horizon Organics, we wanted to try them all. We couldn't find any in our local grocery stores. But later on, we did end up finding a bunch of flavors at Winco! So we bought The Horizon Organics Chocolate Grahams, and later their Honey Grahams (which I forgot to take a picture of) and love them just as much as the previous boxes. The Chocolate Grahams have a nice cocoa flavor but they aren't too sweet like other chocolate treats out there. They are made with organic wheat and offer 8g of whole grains per serving (about 15 cookies) and 10% calcium. The Honey Grahams are also made with organic wheat and 8g of whole grains per serving, with 15% calcium. 

We are sold on Horizon Organics products and love them for day to day snacks. 
They are excellent for filling up lunch boxes or holding for an after school snack. We also like to 
eat them midday, since we homeschool :) I would love to try all of Horizon Organic products, 
because I'm sure I will love them all the same!

Find Horizon Organic Products and try them for yourself! They are the perfect school lunch snack. Visit to view all their products, and use the Store Locator on their website to help you find a store near you.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Hunt Brothers Blue Honduran Coffee Beans

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

Looking for a delicious cup of coffee? You came to the right spot!

    Hunt Brothers Blue Honduran Coffee Beans make a delicious cup of coffee using 100% CCOF-Certified Organic coffee beans that are GMO free as well. These beans are 100% Arabica, grown in fertile volcanic soil that surrounds the biosphere reserves and rain forests, that has been enriched by volcanic lava. The beans are strictly cultivated 1400m above sea level, in the form that allows the fruit to mature slow and thorough, to create a high density flavor. This is also responsibly sourced coffee so the farmers and their family benefit from the fair trade process by receiving support from the small coffee cooperatives.

   I am drinking a cup of this coffee as I write and it is delicious!! The aroma of the beans makes you want to make a cup as soon as the beans arrive in the mail. And because they are whole beans, the coffee is fresher, and you can ground them to your liking. The beans grind well and brew as they should. It makes a rich caramel brown color just asking you to sip up its goodness. The coffee has a great taste, with rich chocolatey notes, velvety body, and low acidity, though bitter, as most coffee is to me lol. I like my coffee with cream, and when I added milk and sugar, this is one of the best coffees I've had. It is very tasty, with great quality beans all the way from Honduras! I love that these beans are 'grown in fertile volcanic soil, enriched by volcanic lava. and surrounded by biosphere reserves and rain forests.' Plus they are 100% organic and full of amazing antioxidants. This is a great coffee to sip on and relax, the perfect start to your day.

You can find Hunt Brothers Blue Honduran Coffee Beans available
 for purchase on Amazon at $18.99 for a 1lb. bag. It comes with
 The Hunt Brothers Promise, that if the coffee doesn't meet your expectations, you will be fully refunded.

I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kazu Jiaogulan Gynostemma Green Tea

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

If you're looking for a high quality Green Tea, the Kazu Jiaogulan Gynostemma Green Tea is a great tea to purchase! This tea comes packaged in a box full of 100 individually packed tea bags,
 so you can have a cup a day for months.

The tea brews quickly and tastes just like green tea should. I like to drink it with a little honey, but it tastes fine by itself too. I love the benefits of drinking green tea, and that this one is caffeine free, made free of any sugars, fillers, or additives. It works as an antioxidant and helps relieve stress with each cup. You can brew yourself a cup, inhale the warmth, and enjoy drinking it on the porch in the morning, or from the comfort of your bed or couch. It's a really great tea you can drink daily. And apparently green tea helps support weightloss too! This is something I will have to test. There are many positive benefits to drinking green tea, and it is so easy to brew. Plus it looks nice, each packaged in a gold wrapper. With 100 tea bags in a box, it will last a good amount of time.

You can find Kazu Jiaogulan Gynostemma Green Tea available
 for purchase on Amazon for $12.95 for a pack of 100.

I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Outdoor Comfort With The AeroBon Inflatable Lounger

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions my own. 

 You know when you're out and about, at the beach or the park and want a comfy seat to sit on? With the AeroBon Inflatable Lounger, you can get comfortable seating within seconds! This lightweight outdoor couch comes in a small pack, weighing in at just 1.87lbs so it's easy to take with you, storing in your backpack or purse. Open the package, unroll the products, and begin running to catch some air! Once your lounger is full of air, roll the end and snap the belt shut to keep your couch inflated. Sit and enjoy with comfortable seating at any location!
 I really like this product, but I will have to give it a 4.5 out of 5 rating.
 It is a ton of fun but it takes so much to inflate. I had the assumption that it would be easy to inflate since the info says it inflates within seconds, without having to catch the perfect wind flow, AND you can inflate it indoors. Living in an apartment, this was really difficult. You still have to run to catch air in this product, in order for it to inflate. So this was a bit tricky for us. It works MUCH better outdoors. Also, they mention kids can use it as a trampoline. I do not suggest this lol. The lounger moves too much and can really cause some damage if you let your children jump all over it. But they can feel free to bounce on it, while sitting. Even I do that; so much fun! :P

 And last, the information says it can handle the weight of a lion. How much does a lion weigh? A handy Google search says the average weight of a male lion is 420lbs and for a female lion is 280lbs. I guess you have to experiment to see what this lounger will allow before it pops, but the instructions that were included in this kit says it can handle up to 350lbs. We have tried a total of approximately 270lbs and it has been fine. So depending on the weight of each person, up to 3 people can sit on this lounger. 

    The air holds for a good amount of time, with the instructions saying to refill about every 4 hours or as needed. The fabric seems durable and I love that it is waterproof. Though indoors, it appears to attract all the carpet fuzzes lol. Sitting on this lounger is super comfortable, and it even rocks back and forth like a hammock. It gives you the feeling like you're a baby in a rocker, it will really make you sleepy! Or maybe that's just me lol. I really enjoy laying out in this thing, reading a good book or enjoying the scenery. It's perfect for taking to the beach or park, watching the clouds go by and relaxing the day away. And though it can hold up to 3 people, you will want it all to yourself so you better grab one for each family member! 

    You can find the AeroBon Inflatable Lounger available for purchase on Amazon available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Maroon. It comes with a 30 day warranty as well.

I received product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Check Out This Funny #ComeClean Video By Maya Rudolph for Seventh Generation

    As a part of Seventh Generation we believe you have the right to know what's in the products we buy, including feminine hygiene products. Tampons and pads do not need fragrances and deodorants to work so why are companies adding chemicals in and not disclosing what is in them? 

Visit for more information.
And check out this great video by Maya Rudolph on her talk about getting industries to #ComeClean And it's ok, you can laugh :-)